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Chemmy Alcott to Train With Norway

A Boston Blickbild Exclusive

British skier Chemmy Alcott will be training with the Norwegian team in her quest for a top 8 finish at the 2014 Olympics. We at the Blickbild admire the determination and fighting spirit that she showed in coming back from a broken leg and working toward her Olympic dream. She may not have as many World Cup wins as other skiers, but she is a wonderful role model for those who have suffered a severe injury. The others have reported on Chemmy training with Norway. But they did not get this exclusive interview with her about her new training partners and much more. Let's find out what Chemmy has to say.

BB: Tell our readers about your new training partners.
Alcott: I will be training with Lotte Smiseth Sejersted and Ragnhild Mowinckel. Both of them are young, very talented racers with a lot of potential. They will inspire me to go fast and do my best. When Lotte can do in the real races what she does in training, she will be unbeatable. Ragnhild will also be very good in few years with more World Cup experience. 
BB: It would also be good for them to train with you because of your World Cup experience. 
Alcott: It is a win-win situation for both Norway and myself. I can pass on my experience to Ragnhild and Lotte and I am also benefitting from their coaching staff. I don't have to worry about coming up with funding to put together a coaching team for myself. 
BB: How is your Norwegian?
Alcott: Nonexistent. But everyone on the team speaks English. I'm sure I'll pick up some Norwegian along the way. I already know how to pronounce most Norwegian names because of my Eurosport commentating experience. I can also read a Norwegian restaurant menu so I know not to order seal brains or walrus intestines.
BB: There is speculation that the real reason you are training with Norway is because you have a secret crush on Aksel Lund Svindal.
Alcott: That's not true. Aksel is my best friend's boyfriend and I have no intention of taking him away from her. Julia Mancuso and Aksel belong together.
BB: Were you in on Aksel's prank to swap out some of the Milka hearts that he gave Julia on Valentine's Day with ojlmsfjaegger? He and Henrik Kristofferson even made them look like real Milka chocolate hearts.
Alcott: With what?!?
BB: Ojlmsfjaegger. They are a special treat that Norwegians have on their birthdays. Ojlmsfjaegger are cubes of pickled reindeer heart with a special chocolate and smoked salmon sauce. 
Alcott: I have been to Norway, both as a racer and Eurosport commentator, and I never heard of them. But they sound positively dreadful!
BB: They are actually quite tasty. I had some that Kjetil Jansrud's grandmother made. As you can see, I survived eating them. 
Alcott: I now understand why the Blickbild's reporters are known for being so intrepid.
BB: We have the most intrepid reporters in the business. (slight pause) I don't know why you never had them. Lotte's birthday is during race season. 
Alcott: Maybe she never brought any to the races on her birthday. Or maybe only the Norwegians ate them because the other ladies knew what they were.
BB: Who do you think the best ojlmsfjaegger maker on the Norwegian speed team is, Lotte or Ragnhild? 
Alcott: I have no idea.
BB: If you had to pick one, who would it be?
Alcott: I guess I would go with Lotte. She is the older of the two.
BB: If you're going to train with the Norwegians, you need to appreciate their cuisine. 
Alcott: When I was in Norway I had reindeer meat, smoked salmon, and chocolate, just not all combined. I have liked everything that I have eaten in Norway.
BB: You will probably even learn how to make ojlmsfjaegger if you are going to be part of the Norwegian team.
Alcott: I'm not becoming Norwegian or joining their team. I'm simply training with them.
BB: Let's talk about the recovery from your broken leg. You had a remarkable recovery and even made your comeback at the same place where you incurred the injury. You showed a lot of courage coming back in Lake Louise. 
Alcott: Thank you. I wanted to come back in the same place where I broke my leg to prove to myself that I could race there without any problems.
BB: You are as intrepid as our reporters. If you ever need a job after you retire from racing, we will gladly hire you.
Alcott: Thank you, but I already have an offer from Eurosport. The reporters at Eurosport aren't as intrepid as yours, but I get on very well with them.
BB: You were an excellent commentator for Eurosport and if you go back to them, you will be a great asset to the Alpine skiing commentating team. (pause) How does you leg feel now?
Alcott:  Fine. It doesn't bother me. I am ready to begin preparing for the upcoming race season.
BB: What are your goals for this season?
Alcott: I would like a top-8 finish at the Olympics in either the downhill or Super-G.
BB: You will have a lot of competition at the Olympics. 
Alcott: That's true. But I also have a lot of experience that the younger ladies don't have. There are times when experience trumps natural talent. I will draw on my experience to do my best.
BB: Speaking of Olympic dreams, do you think that your former training partner Larisa Yurkiw will join you in training with the Norwegians?
Alcott: That would be lovely if she did. It was a real pity that Canada shut down its women's downhill program. I hope that she finds some good training partners. She deserves a shot at competing at the Olympics after missing the 2010 Games.
BB: I'm sure that you will have a great season and Olympics because of training with the Norwegian team. 
Alcott: I hope to. Do you think they will make me eat ojlmsfjaegger?
BB: According to our intrepid research team, any Norwegian skier moving up to the World Cup must eat ojlmsfjaegger that is either store-bought or made with frozen reindeer hearts. It's an initiation ritual that has been practiced for as long as Norwegians have been skiing.
Alcott: It's a good thing I'm not Norwegian and I have been in the World Cup for many seasons.
BB: But you're an honorary Norwegian because you will be training with Team Norway. Even though you're simply training with the team, you still must go through its initiation ritual.
Alcott: Oh dear! Is there any way I can get out of it?
BB: I'm afraid not. But now you know why the Norwegian team is small yet very strong. 
Alcott: It looks like I picked the wrong team to train with. Hopefully there is still time to find another team who will take me on that won't make me eat such horrid stuff. Or maybe I could pawn the ojlmsfjaegger off on Nick Fellows. He will eat anything.
BB: It looks like we are running out of time. Chemmy, I want to thank you for this interview and want to wish you success in both the World Cup this coming season and at the Olympics. 
Alcott: Thank you. This was a very unique interview.
BB: Our interviews are always unique. Don't worry about the ojlmsfjaegger. If I lived to tell about eating them, you will too. Who knows, they may make you ski even faster. And that concludes another Boston Blickbild exclusive interview. 

The Boston Blickbild. Our motto is: We don't have any initiation rituals for our reporters at the Blickbild.

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