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Athlete Profile: Henrik Kristoffersen

A Boston Blickbild Exclusive
Before we begin our interview, US racer Lindsey Vonn had a crash in training and will have a MRI on her knee. We hope that this is just a precautionary measure and that she is okay. 

Nineteen year old Norwegian racer Henrik Kristoffersen surprised a lot of people with his 3rd place finish in Levi last Sunday. Those who follow World Cup ski racing believed that it was just a matter of  time for Henrik to get a podium finish after establishing himself as a young racer to watch last season. Henrik appears to be the next in a long line of great Attacking Vikings from Norway. One of our intrepid reporters had a chance to talk to Henrik before he left Levi. Let's get to know Henrik a little better and find out what he has to say.

BB: Henrik, congratulations on your 3rd place finish in Levi. You had a very fast second run to move up to third place after being 4th in the first run.
Kristoffersen: Thank you. I went into Levi wanting to do my best and to see how I measure up to the others. It's hard to know where you stand until the first race of the season. A good start gives me confidence for the season.
BB: You certainly impressed a lot of people. Do you think you could win an Olympic slalom medal?
Kristoffersen: I would like to win a medal in Sochi. A gold medal would be awesome!
BB: Do you think that Marcel Hirscher should be worried?
Kristoffersen: Marcel is great and I hope that I can be as consistent as  he is.
BB: I'm sure you will be. If you had won the race in Levi, you would have won a reindeer.
Kristoffersen: I know. It would have been cool to have my very own reindeer.
BB: If you won the reindeer, what would you have named him?
Kristoffersen: I probably would have named him Kveldsmat.
BB: Not Thor?
Kristoffersen: No. Kveldsmat is a much more appropriate name for a reindeer.
BB: Tell our readers what Kveldsmat means in English.
Kristoffersen: Supper.
BB: What a terrible name! It's a good thing you didn't win the race. Ferdinand is a much better name.
Kristoffersen: Kveldsmat is the perfect name! I am Norwegian and we eat a lot of reindeer meat. Have you ever had a grilled reindeer steak? There's nothing like it.
BB: Does it taste like chicken?
Kristoffersen: No, it tastes like reindeer. If you were really intrepid, you would try a grilled reindeer steak.
BB: I happen to be very intrepid! The Blickbild has the most intrepid reporters in the business! Anyway, I tried ojlmsfjaegger when I interviewed Kjetil Jansrud and lived to tell about it.
Kristoffersen: How did you like them? The ojlmsfjaegger that Kjetil's grandmother makes for the team are the very best!
BB: They were actually quite good. (short pause) How much do you know about reindeer behaviour?
Kristoffersen: I am Norwegian. Reindeer behaviour is a required school subject.
BB: You would be the perfect person to explain why Ferdinand refused to go onto the podium when he was awarded to Marcel Hirscher.
Kristoffersen: That was my fault.
BB: How was it your fault?
Kristoffersen:  Ferdinand overheard me talking to Marcel and Mario Matt on the podium. I told them that I wished I won the reindeer so I could make ojlmsfjaegger from its heart. Ferdinand looks like he would have the perfect-sized heart for ojlmsfjaegger. I also asked Marcel if he would invite me over for reindeer steaks.
BB: You didn't!
Kristofferson: I did. But I forgot one fundamental fact about reindeer. They have extremely sensitive hearing. Ferdinand understood everything that I said to Marcel and Mario.
BB: What language were you speaking?
Kristoffersen: English. Marcel and Mario speak and understand English.
BB: You are telling me that a baby reindeer brought up in Finland understands English?
Kristoffersen: Space aliens on "Star Trek" and science fiction movies all understand English. Why wouldn't a Finnish reindeer?
BB: You have a good point.  Is that why Marcel stood at a distance when petting Ferdinand? Mikaela Shiffrin was hugging her reindeer, but Marcel stood far away from his.
Kristoffersen: Probably. I think Ferdinand was afraid that Marcel would eat him after hearing me talk.
BB: I think that Ferdinand had a valid reason for being scared. Mikaela wants to keep track of Rudolf and see how much he is growing. If you won the reindeer, you would be counting down the days until you could have it for dinner.
Kristoffersen: If you were Norwegian, you would have had the same thoughts. 
BB: Do you think the reindeer herders of Finland will hire a Mafia hit man to come after you for your remarks about Ferdinand?
Kristoffersen: I hope not. Ferdinand is Marcel's reindeer, so it's his decision what to do with him. But I can give him my favorite recipe for reindeer stew or let him borrow my copy of "365 Ways to Cook Reindeer." 
BB: Well, Henrik, it looks like we are just about out of time. I want to wish you a healthy and successful season. I'm sure we will continue to see you on the podium. Good luck in Sochi!
Kristoffersen: Thank you.
BB: And that concludes another Boston Blickbild exclusive interview. 

The Boston Blickbild. Our motto is: If our reporters won a reindeer for being intrepid, they would not eat it.

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